Ready to freak out? Try this instead!

Anyone else ready to freak out? I haven’t left my neighborhood since March 12th, the weather’s been crappy these last few days and the news…well, really flipping depressing, combined with all of the normal stressful things that actually feel really intense right now – I’ve been teetering on the verge. DMX – Gonna Make Me Lose My Mind – feels like my theme song right now.

So, I’ve been really settling into what I know to be true – when life feels especially chaotic, there are two important things  to focus on – bringing it back to the basics and focusing forward.

This is “how” you balance and thrive…and honestly, not completely lose your Sh!t (although you may have moments of that too). It’s at the very core of what I teach and how I personally deal with life’s challenging times.

It’s the balance between allowing yourself to feel how you feel while at the same time not getting stuck there. It’s about seeing the disappointment, grieving the loss, feeling the fear – all of those things and at the same time, finding your way forward.

It’s an active process of acceptance and action, of finding peace with while also hoping for, it’s what I learned through 7 years of unexplained infertility and it’s what I’m being reminded to lean into right now.

It’s the framework that I keep coming back to and one that can be helpful to you too.

So, pop on your theme song for this week and keep on reading so that you too can find your way to balance and thrive during this stressful time.

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7 Ways to Weather Life’s Biggest Storms

If you’re feeling anything like me, it feels like the rug just got yanked right out from underneath you. It feels a little scary, a little overwhelming and really really confusing. What we’re all experiencing right now is unlike anything any of us have ever experienced before.  And while the information and opinions that are flying around…

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Feeling anxious? Try this.

When life gets stressful, it’s easy to start playing the what if game. What if this bad thing happens or what if that bad thing happens. And once that ball of bad what ifs starts rolling, it’s really hard to stop. Next thing you know, you’re up to your eyeballs in all of the terrible…

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Why is food so confusing?

Do you ever feel completely confused about what foods to eat? These days, a lot of people are. There’s so much information out there and everyone seems to be doing (and loving) something different. At my kiddos birthday party a few weeks ago people were raving about fasting, keto, Weight Watchers, no carb, low carb, vegetarian,…

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What’s Love Got to Do with It?

Let’s talk about love. A lot of times when people think about love – they think about the fairytale version of love – the hearts, roses, butterflies and happily ever afters. But I think love’s a lot grittier than that. Love is about a willingness to really look at and see someone for who they…

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Not sure where to begin? Try this!

One of the hardest parts about change is figuring out where to begin. I often work with people who know that they need to make a change, they’re just not sure what that change is, let alone how to make it happen. The working mom who’s stretched too thin, desperately seeking better work/life balance. The corporate…

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Reconnecting with Who You Are

Ever show up at work, home or the grocery store and think to yourself – how’d I get here? You remember getting into the car and pulling out of your neighborhood, then next thing you know you’ve arrived with no memory of how you got to where you are. This doesn’t just happen with driving…

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What you need to know for when life doesn’t go as planned

A few weeks ago we ordered brand spankin’ new convection double wall ovens – yay! I love a good, fully functioning appliance :), and our ovens have been on their last legs since we bought our house 4 years ago. They squeak when they preheat…cook, and cool down too. And the interior lights never turn…

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The Power of Gratitude: How Giving Thanks Can Change Your Life

It’s the week of Thanksgiving! My favorite holiday of the year. I love all the traditional Thanksgiving foods (yes please give me all of the stuffing, turkey and pie). The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, the football games, and of course most of all the family time and the relaxed vibe that comes with this holiday….

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How to Declutter Your Space this Fall

If you’re anything like me, it’s easy to collect stuff over time. You stick all of the takeout menus in a kitchen drawer, along with every random paperclip, rubber band and pen you find. Your closet has a selection of white t-shirts in every neckline and sleeve length ever sold. And your guest bedroom has…

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