Reconnecting with Who You Are

Ever show up at work, home or the grocery store and think to yourself – how’d I get here?

You remember getting into the car and pulling out of your neighborhood, then next thing you know you’ve arrived with no memory of how you got to where you are.

This doesn’t just happen with driving home from work after a long day or winding up at Target on a Saturday afternoon – it happens in life too.

You find yourself in a career or a marriage or a body – with no idea how you got here. You look in the mirror, and the face staring back at you feels like a stranger. 

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What you need to know for when life doesn’t go as planned

A few weeks ago we ordered brand spankin’ new convection double wall ovens – yay! I love a good, fully functioning appliance :), and our ovens have been on their last legs since we bought our house 4 years ago. They squeak when they preheat…cook, and cool down too. And the interior lights never turn…

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The Power of Gratitude: How Giving Thanks Can Change Your Life

It’s the week of Thanksgiving! My favorite holiday of the year. I love all the traditional Thanksgiving foods (yes please give me all of the stuffing, turkey and pie). The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, the football games, and of course most of all the family time and the relaxed vibe that comes with this holiday….

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How to Declutter Your Space this Fall

If you’re anything like me, it’s easy to collect stuff over time. You stick all of the takeout menus in a kitchen drawer, along with every random paperclip, rubber band and pen you find. Your closet has a selection of white t-shirts in every neckline and sleeve length ever sold. And your guest bedroom has…

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Feeling Sleepy Thanks to Daylight Savings? Try this!

I don’t know about you, but this time change has me feeling all out of sorts! It’s soooooo dark so early that I’m basically ready for bed by 6pm (which by the way, feels way more like midnight).  And I’ve been hearing a lot of chatter that others are feeling the same. So I thought…

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How to Change Your Life

Do you ever feel like you’re living in Groundhogs Day? You wake up with big plans for today to be different, but then somehow you keep doing different versions of the same thing over and over and over again. No matter how hard you try – you keep reliving the same experience. You wonder to…

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Weekly Roundup August 8th, 2019

I don’t know about you, but this week flew by for me! I think as we get closer to the end of summer, time always seems to speed up. This edition of the weekly roundup has great activities that the whole family can enjoy together. Get outside and try something new! 

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Weekly Roundup August 1st, 2019

Get out before the kids go back to school! It might be August but there’s still plenty of summer fun left. Check out some of these great events going on around Cleveland this weekend. Already have plans? Leave me a comment letting me know what you’re up to! I love to hear from you.  …

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Spinach Salad

This salad has only four ingredients (plus dressing) and is super simple to make. It’s perfect for a summer night!

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A strategy to transform your life

The end of 2009 was a really rough time for me. It was just before the holidays when I had had a miscarriage at 14 weeks. Even just typing this now brings tears to my eyes. I can still feel the heartbreak and devastation. I truly did not know how to keep going. This was…

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