Enjoy Every Day More

As a pisces, I’m drawn to the water. Remember the movie Splash? 

I used to wish I was her.

And even though I have a completely irrational yet very intense fear of sharks, the ocean is absolutely where I want to be.

So I’m feeling pretty content with life after just getting home from 7 days at the Jersey Shore—truly my favorite place.

It’s great how a little get away can completely revitalize you…but how do we create more of that irl (in real life)?

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French Onion Dip Recipe

Chips and dip are definitely on the top of my favorite things list :). And while it may not be the healthiest snack you can reach for, it’s definitely worth the every once in awhile indulgence (at least in my book). To make myself feel a little bit better, I researched A TON Of different…

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3 Ways to Find More Time in the Day

Do you ever wish you had the time to…just sit on your patio reading a book or endless hours to build a fort with your kiddo or the brain-space to learn something new like how to speak Italian, Salsa dance or cook Thai food?! Even during a global pandemic—with so much shut down—life doesn’t seem…

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Smoothie Bowl Recipes

I had my first smoothie bowl last summer. It was blue and OMG so flipping good. Since then I’ve been dreaming about that bowl, but didn’t dabble into the diy smoothie bowl until today. Thanks to a poolside convo with a friend yesterday, who shared her smoothie bowl recipe which sounded simple and delicious (check…

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The Key to Success & Happiness in Life

What’s something you’re not good at? Math is one of mine. Wouldn’t it be awful if I spent all day every day trying to get good at math? I’d probably feel pretty bad about myself. I mean, I do remember how crappy I felt in 7th & 8th grade trying to learn Algebra. And yes,…

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Skyrocket Your Happiness: How to Make ALL Your Dreams Come True

Do you ever worry that the dreams you have for yourself might not come true? That they’re too big or too small…or maybe that they’re not important enough….That it’s too late or you’re too old…or that there’s just something innately wrong with you… We’ve all worried about some version of at least one of these before…

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Healthy Nut Butter Energy Bites Recipe—So Good!

Looking for a healthy snack that’s easy to make…and even easier to enjoy? These Nut Butter Energy Bites have got you covered. My kiddo is pretty much always skeptical to try new things that I say are healthy, but his response to these was “I can NOT stop eating them” followed by “it’s fine though…

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How to Achieve Your Goals in 2020

I love a good plan. Seriously, as far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing quite like sitting down at the start of a new year and mapping out your vision for that year and then creating the goals that’ll help you to make that vision your new reality. Best. Thing. Ever.  But since my 2020 plans…

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10 Powerful Ways to Start Your Day!

I was the kid who was running out the door with soaking wet hair and a chocolate pop tart in hand—desperately hoping I wasn’t too late to catch the bus in the morning. I’ve definitely upgraded my morning routine since middle school :). There is so much power in starting your days off on a…

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