Skyrocket Your Happiness: How to Make ALL Your Dreams Come True

Do you ever worry that the dreams you have for yourself might not come true?

That they’re too big or too small…or maybe that they’re not important enough….That it’s too late or you’re too old…or that there’s just something innately wrong with you…

We’ve all worried about some version of at least one of these before BUT there’s good news.

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Healthy Nut Butter Energy Bites Recipe—So Good!

Looking for a healthy snack that’s easy to make…and even easier to enjoy? These Nut Butter Energy Bites have got you covered. My kiddo is pretty much always skeptical to try new things that I say are healthy, but his response to these was “I can NOT stop eating them” followed by “it’s fine though…

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How to Achieve Your Goals in 2020

I love a good plan. Seriously, as far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing quite like sitting down at the start of a new year and mapping out your vision for that year and then creating the goals that’ll help you to make that vision your new reality. Best. Thing. Ever.  But since my 2020 plans…

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10 Powerful Ways to Start Your Day!

I was the kid who was running out the door with soaking wet hair and a chocolate pop tart in hand—desperately hoping I wasn’t too late to catch the bus in the morning. I’ve definitely upgraded my morning routine since middle school :). There is so much power in starting your days off on a…

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The 3 Best Green Summer Smoothie Recipes

Smoothies are a great way to start your day in a powerful way. They’re loaded with nutrients and easy to enjoy throughout the morning. One of the most important things I want you to keep in mind is that if it doesn’t taste good, don’t drink it!!! Find a smoothie combo that you actually enjoy—it’ll…

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8 Things that Made Me Smile this Month

When life feels crazy, it’s nice to know that you can find joy in simple things. Things that are literally right there at your fingertips like calling a friend to catch up, watching the sunset and bringing some fresh cut flowers into your space. The more you set out to find something to smile about,…

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How to Stay Positive During Times of Stress

Do you ever wonder how exactly you’re supposed to feel positive, hopeful and optimistic when life seems to be handing you nothing but a whole lot of stress?  I totally get that. And the truth is, I’m not immune to stress and I’m not positive all of the time, but that’s not the goal. You…

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Coping with ALL of the Losses During the Pandemic

Everything just feels different. Whether it’s dinner with friends, running into Target to pick up a few things or deciding about sending your kid to school in the fall. It’s not as relaxing or as clear or as easy to do the things you used to do. It’s not the same. Nothing feels the same. …

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3 Life Lessons from my Dad

Our annual summer vacation Dad’s and daughters’ lunch is one of my favorite parts of the week. It’s just such a nice time to sit and have lunch with my sister, Dad and me because just the 3 of us isn’t a dynamic that happens often. During these lunches he shares a life lesson of…

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