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“Working with Emily has been one of the most important things I have done for myself. It is most unselfish thing I have done for myself… a massage from the inside out. 

This work has been an introduction of me to myself. It may seem odd to say that, but over the years I realized I was stuck….stuck in my ways, stuck in my thoughts….stuck in my denials….stuck in my excuses.

Shedding this internal clutter allows me to shift my New Year Resolutions to my Now Resolutions. I am better able see myself, to stop hiding and to take responsibility. Being authentic and taking ownership for me feels freeing.

The best part of working with Emily is that she allows the work to go where it needs to. She helped me step out of myself so I could work on thinking patterns that did not serve me, a physical environment that was stifling me, and eating habits that did not match my desires.

She even introduced me to dance which allowed me to enjoy movement and offered a book club that reinforced ideas of personal growth in a platform with other like-minded women.

This came to me at just the right time in my life. Thank you Emily for not judging but supporting growth.”

– Helen, Willoughy, OH

“I worked with Emily on a few very specific professional and personal issues. In a very short time, I felt so much better and in control. Emily listened intently and asked terrific questions indicating that she made no assumptions about my situation. She was not giving me the answer…she was helping me discover my own answers! I loved her approach of encouraging me to trust my instincts. Our session was clarifying, grounding, validating, and challenging. I am so grateful to have her as a resource.”

– Juli, Akron, OH

“I found Emily when I was at a point where I was completely at a loss. I had tried every thing I could think of and was beginning to realize something deeper, that I couldn’t quite get to, was going on. Emily introduced me to a whole new lifestyle, one that I had wanted for a while, but I just wasn’t sure how to get to it. I am not totally there yet, but I’m definitely on my way. I still struggle sometimes, but I now have the tools I need to make changes and stay on track (and find my way back when I stray from my path).

Because of my success in the 90 Intensive I decided to continue on with her 6-week program. I am so glad that I did! From the very first session I was able to take action on some big things that I had been putting off!!! AND I have figured out that I am not broken and I do not need to be fixed. I have loved the process of understanding myself more and continuing to evolve. Thank You Emily!”

– Brittany, Lakewood, OH

“Emily is an excellent coach! She is very knowledgeable on health, wellness and life and truly offers a holistic approach. She has a unique way of supporting and stretching you so that you can stay on track and reach your goals. I was nervous that I would be overwhelmed by all of the things that I would need to work on to achieve my goals but Emily guided me through the process so that the changes I made became lasting habits, not some quick-fix. I highly recommend her as a coach and I look forward to working with her in future programs.”

– Lauren, New Jersey

“During our coaching, Emily asked questions that helped me reflect on my purpose. I have many interests so focusing on my purpose helped me to see a common theme in my life. Immediately after talking with her, I felt a positive shift. I feel better about being in a job that may not be my passion but is in line with my purpose. Emily gave me some great tips that I plan to use to help with me to focus on merging my passions with my purpose. Emily’s coaching style is compassionate and heartfelt.”

– Pam, Mentor, OH

“Emily is WONDERFUL!!! She creates a space that feels so inviting and she is extremely easy to talk to. Her feedback was given in such a positive way and was so helpful, I definitely had my fair share of ah-ha! Moments. I look forward to working with her in the future.”

– Natalie, Ohio

“One of the best things about this experience was knowing that Emily was available when I needed her…support, encouragement, inspiration, ideas…you name it, she was there. She provided some really great (and simple) strategies that were so easy to implement! And I loved the encouragement to tune in and listen to me, what I needed. No judgment, just an invitation to listen and respond. What?! That’s such a different approach then what I’m used to…which is maybe why I had such amazing results!”

– Sarah, Pennsylvania

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