Wondering What I’ll Write Today…

Well, it’s Wednesday and day 2 of my “rise and write” project. I find myself sitting here again with a blank computer page wondering what I’ll write today.

Mark made coffee again which may be my favorite part so far. It is a programmable coffee maker so I’m not sure what exactly stops me from setting it up the night before so it just automatically brews… maybe that will be phase 2 ;).

I hear the babe stirring so I’m not sure how long I have before the switch gets flipped on for the day. The pressure is on…I better come up with something. I wonder what I’ll write…

I sort of just feeling like rambling today – about the purple blueberry muffins I made last night and about how I haven’t even washed my face yet (actually I’m going to go do that now – be right back).

Okay, I’m back and feel sooooooo much better. I get that there was no time-lapse for you, so why even include that I left and came back? Well, part of what I’m trying to do here is create a habit of “rising and writing” by carving out creative space – starting with just writing whatever comes.

I appreciate you hanging in there with me as I figure this all out – it truly means a lot (the comments, voicemails and messages yesterday were much appreciated!). Great news, I finished two more stories for my book yesterday. My goal is to have 60 done by September 21st. Today is August 23rd and I have 15 complete – yikes! I set my goal at the start of summer – now it’s crunch time (thank you procrastination) and I’ve got a ways to go.

When Mark was leaving this morning he said, “it’s wonder what you’ll write Wednesday, coffee is on, get up.” Funny that I’m still sitting here wondering what I’ll write today.

When I was in high school I had an English teacher who would give us words and an assignment. So for example, use these 10 words and write a poem. I loved that! I loved taking these random pieces and putting them together to create something.

I love to play with words and pull ideas together. I also love to do it with pictures. Back in the day, I would print off pictures, cut words from magazines and collect random things I’d see around. Then I would put them all together on a page to tell a story (scrapbooking I guess lol).

Now I put together photo books online, but it’s not quite the same.┬áThere’s something about the computer that makes the creativity portal feel a little trickier to access. Computers make things more convenient in some ways, and more complicated in others. Like connection, we have access to the whole world – right at our finger tips – yet people are feeling more and more disconnected.

People have their heads down and phones on – absorbed in a world other than the one they’re quite literally standing in. Checking emails, text messages and social media (I’ve caught myself too) – when did that all become so important? Will it ever not be important? Will there be a shift away from technology? What would that even look like?

Personally, I recognize needing better boundaries with my phone especially. That’s why I leave it on silent all the time and have started to not take it with me everywhere I go (don’t need it to go from the kitchen to the living room with me). I’ve gotten better at leaving it in the car or in my purse at least (don’t need it sitting out) and we have a good old fashion alarm clock now (no more phone alarms).

I wonder what this world of technology will turn into, and what we’ll turn into as we continue to (over)use it. Hmmmmmmm…..

Okay, little man is up – gotta run!

Emily xo


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