Why is food so confusing?

Do you ever feel completely confused about what foods to eat?

These days, a lot of people are. There’s so much information out there and everyone seems to be doing (and loving) something different. At my kiddos birthday party a few weeks ago people were raving about fasting, keto, Weight Watchers, no carb, low carb, vegetarian, vegan, and more.

I’m pretty sure just about every diet was represented that night!

And each person was so passionate about what they were doing. Which is great. It can also make figuring out what’s right for you overwhelmingly confusing.

For most of us, it doesn’t actually have to be that hard to figure out. But it is because so many of us have disconnected from our bodies and accepted negative health symptoms (bloating, acne, headaches, digestive issues, mood symptoms, anxiety, chronic pain, etc.) as part of our crappy normal.

Honestly, this was me until infertility forced me into action.

Now I have a much healthier relationship with my body, I know when something feels off and I confidently eat foods that are nourishing to me.

My approach is what I call healthyish. I don’t cut out any food category – sugar, dairy, gluten, animal products – in my house it’s all fair game. My primary focus is making food myself and using high quality ingredients to do so.

However you want to approach food is 100% up to you. Your body, your business.

But it is important to figure out and follow what works for you. Health symptoms of any kind distract you from living your life (and are a sign that something you’re doing isn’t working for your body).

If you want to live well, you’ve gotta feel good to do it. And a great place to start is by improving your relationship with your body. 

Your body is unique to you. It’s special and a true miracle. Just stop for a second and really think about how your body came to be, and about all of the amazing things it just naturally does (your heart beats, lungs breathe and your brain is operating the whole damn thing). It’s insane, and really cool.

Pay attention to the miracle that your body is, because when you do, you’ll start to look at it differently. You’ll start to treat it differently because you’ll actually see it for what it is – absolutely amazing.

Doing this every single day helps you to tune into your body, to notice what works and what feels good to you. This will help you to decipher all of the different food information that is out there and to not compare yourself or get caught up in what anyone else is doing.

Start a running list of all the cool things your body does for you each day – hang it on your bathroom mirror or fridge as a reminder to pay attention, appreciate and listen to your one, really freaking cool body.

You truly do know what’s best for you – whether that’s about the food you eat or something else like parenting, finances, marriage, exercise, career – every area of your life – you know best.

And when you hone that internal guidance system by appreciating your body and understanding what food choices are best for you, you’ll feel more confident in every other area of your life too!


P.S. Have a diet you’re either interested in or passionate about – share it in the comments below!

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