Not sure where to begin? Try this!

One of the hardest parts about change is figuring out where to begin.

I often work with people who know that they need to make a change, they’re just not sure what that change is, let alone how to make it happen.

  • The working mom who’s stretched too thin, desperately seeking better work/life balance.
  • The corporate exec who’s looking around realizing she’s not happy, wondering what she’s working her a$$ off for.
  • The entrepreneur who’s at a crossroads, trying to decide if it’s time to make the leap and go all in on her dreams.

The #1 thing these people have in common is that they know for sure that the situation that they’re currently in is not the one they want, and that they’re ready and motivated for change.

But when you’re not clear on what that change is, it can feel like throwing spaghetti at the wall, waiting to see what sticks. Which ultimately means, you’ll just end up staying stuck.

So if you’re in a situation, and you know that you’re ready for a change – but you’re yet sure what that change is – here’s a strategy that can help!

Because this strategy is so effective, it’s one that I share every chance I get!

It’s in my book, Happiness Happens on page 39, in the LMLL course, and I regularly talk about it at workshops and classes. Not only can you use this to help you get clear when you’re ready to make a change, it’s also a great tool to use when you find yourself stuck in a stressful situation, and you can’t seem to find your way out.

No matter what the reason for using it is, I’m always hearing from my clients about how powerful this simple strategy is!

It’s a brainstorming tool called the Don’t Want/Do Want List.

Take a blank sheet of paper and fold it in half lengthwise. In the left-hand column write down all the things happening in your life right now that you dislike or don’t want.

Then, in the right-hand column under “do want,” write at least one thing you’d like to experience instead.

It’s okay to have multiple “do wants” per “don’t want.” Just be sure to have at least one.

Once you’ve completed your “do want” list, put an X through the “don’t want” column. Those are done now, no more energy or time needs to go there.

The things that you’re experiencing in your life right now that you don’t want are the fuel to drive you towards the things you do want to experience instead. They can point you towards the direction you most want to go. You’ll notice that this strategy helps you to identify actionable items so that you can start to create change in your life right now.

I’ve included a downloadable pdf to help you with this exercise – click here.

Here’s to you creating the change you crave this year!


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