How to Guide for Happiness

March is a special month for me. Not only am I celebrating my birthday…all month long ;), I’m also celebrating the 3rd birthday of my book, Happiness Happens. 

Have you read it yet?

It’s basically a how-to guide for people who are navigating big changes in life and need to reconnect with who they are and what they want so they can ultimately create the happy, fulfilling life they want (and deserve!!)

It’s filled with strategies I relied on during my journey with unexplained fertility and those same strategies are ones that helped me to launch my business, write my book, navigate COVID…and pretty much find my way through any changes life throws my way. 

These are also my tried and true coaching strategies that I dive into with my clients. 

You can order a copy here. It also makes a great gift.

And speaking of gifts…for my birthday on the 12th I would LOVE and so appreciate it if you could write a review of Happiness Happens. This is how people will know if the book is for them (plus it’ll help people who are searching for books on happiness find my book). 

If you’re not sure how to write a review, check out this link.

Thank you so much!! 


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