Enjoy Every Day More

As a pisces, I’m drawn to the water. Remember the movie Splash? 

I used to wish I was her.

And even though I have a completely irrational yet very intense fear of sharks, the ocean is absolutely where I want to be.

So I’m feeling pretty content with life after just getting home from 7 days at the Jersey Shore—truly my favorite place.

It’s great how a little get away can completely revitalize you…but how do we create more of that irl (in real life)?

Well, vacation is amazing, and I’m not going to pretend there’s a way to replace it.

BUT real life is pretty amazing too.

And I have something SUPER EXCITING coming your way on Friday so that you can tap into more of that real life amazingness…(instead feeling like all the daily demands of real life are constantly hijacking the good). 

Get ready for something amazing coming your way so that you truly can enjoy more of that every day irl amazingness too…coming your way soon ;).


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