3 Ways to Find More Time in the Day

Do you ever wish you had the time tojust sit on your patio reading a book or endless hours to build a fort with your kiddo or the brain-space to learn something new like how to speak Italian, Salsa dance or cook Thai food?!

Even during a global pandemic—with so much shut down—life doesn’t seem to have really slowed all that  much.

There’s so much uncertainty and so many new things to figure out—from your work day to back to school to grocery shopping—in a lot of ways it actually feels like there’s been more added to what was already a full plate.

So how exactly are you supposed to juggle it all AND find some of that much needed time for yourself?!

Here are 3 things that’ll help you to create some much needed space in your day:

  1. Survey your day. Mentally scan through what you do in a day to make sure that everything you’re doing is necessary for YOU to do THAT day. You want a daily to do list that feels good to you—it fuels your energy and moves you towards your goals. You’ll know what doesn’t belong on that list because the instant you think of it you’ll feel resentful or dread it. Those need to go.
  2. Limit your obligations. Your plate is full and you’re juggling a lot so choose your YES wisely. Give yourself permission to say no to anything you truly don’t want to do because doing those things actually distracts you—it takes time, attention and energy away from—what’s important to you.
  3. Ask for what you want, and need. This is probably the most important habit for you to get in to. Yes, you’ve got Wonder Woman status and are a force to be reckoned with….and you’re also wiped. SO it’s time to stop taking on so much because it truly is not necessary AND your wellbeing depends on it. If you’re in the weeds at work, feeling overwhelmed homeschooling your kids, or struggling in any kind of way—ask for what you want or need. Do you need a raise? An assistant? Your sister to listen as you vent? Someone to hold your baby while you nap. Whatever it is—just ask!

Putting these 3 strategies to work for you means you won’t wind up feeling so totally stressed and wiped out!

You’ll be a happier and more productive person because you’ll have more time for what’s important to you like your family, your dreams and yourself!

In the comments below, let me know which one of these you’re excited to give a try!