27 Positive Media Resources (and growing)

Here’s a list of some of my favorite places to catch the news, stay informed and be reminded of all the goodness in the world.

Bookmark any sites you like so you can head right there when you hop online, and also be sure to clean up your social media feeds–including who and what you follow.

And most importantly—as you see a story that inspires you—be sure to share it and spread that positivity!!! The people in your life will appreciate it!

This is NOT an endorsement or promotion of any site or source, simply sharing my own personal research. And yes, this list is biased based on the lens through which I see the world.

Please use this information as a jumping off point to help you create a library of resources so that you are informed, inspired and engaged.

If you’d like to explore your own media habits so that you can create healthier ones, click here. 

  1. Sunday Today with Willie Giest
  2. CBS Sunday Morning
  3. NPR
  4. PBS
  5. The Washington Post
  6. The New York Times
  7. The Cleveland Plain Dealer (or your local paper)—in print!!!
  8. The Skimm (a daily email w/ a roundup of headlines)
  9. BBC News Uplifting Stories
  10. The Optimist Daily
  11. MSN Good News
  12. Good News Network
  13. Readers Digest Inspiring Stories
  14. Positive News
  15. Sunny Skyz
  16. Fox News Good News
  17. Canoe

I love these social profiles they’re great for a burst of positivity or a good laugh (definitely some bias in the humor angle though!!!), follow whichever suits you! And unfollow any that don’t!

  1. John Karsinski Some Good News on FB
  2. The Good News Network on FB
  3. NPR on FB
  4. Oprah Magazine on IG
  5. The Daily Show on IG
  6. John Krasinski on IG
  7. Tanks Goodnews on IG
  8. The Ellen Show on IG
  9. Millie_Social on IG
  10. Today Show on IG
  11. YouTube TEDx Talks


**Note** Be mindful of FB right now. It’s getting really heavy and doesn’t necessarily give a clear picture of a lot of people feel. It’s a lot of fighting, drama and negativity and as we move into a Presidential campaign, that’s only going to ramp up. You can “unfollow” people with out “unfriending” if you want or just go direct to the group or page without scrolling through your feed.

Also keep in mind that all of your online activity is tracked and used for ad targeting—including political ads. You’ll see this especially in your social media feeds. What this means is that you are specifically being shown content that you’ll be connected to in some way (even if that means negatively triggered).


The more aware you become of how the media works and the role you play, the more you’re able to navigate the space in a way that feels good to you and use it to help you stay informed, expand your perspective AND get engaged.


In the comments below, please share some of your favorite positive media resources.


Thank you!