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How to relight your love flame

February 14, 2017
Sometimes there’s so much “to do” it feels hard to keep up and we sort of fall into this survival mode autopilot frame of mind.

Interestingly enough – we can also go into this frame of mind when we’re not feeling very lit up by life. When we’re feeling weighed down by energy draining obligations…or even when we feel like life has become sort of blah or uninteresting.

All these ways to get to the same place – the place where everything feels sort of mechanical and we’re mindlessly going through the motions.  The place where our love flame has definitely fizzled.

Ya know when you look in the mirror and don’t really recognize the person looking back at you – you feel disconnected and disengaged from who you are and what you want – that’s a sure sign that it’s time to get into action and make some changes asap.

One of the biggest things I focus on is what I am allowing into my world. In order to reclaim my joy and relight my love flame, I have to be really committed to creating a love zone – I know, sounds super cheesy right?!

But seriously – surrounding ourselves by who and what we love must be super duper high on the priority list. If you don’t love it – get it out of your space. If it doesn’t make you happy – get it out of your space. If it sucks your energy – get it out of your space.

This includes people (your relative who calls you with all the drama – stop answering those calls), things (that top that doesn’t fit and is out of style – get it out of the closet), and events (that monthly bookclub that you dread – stop going).

A formal process here is not necessary (don’t get caught up in the “how”) – notice how you feel in the presence of X, keep or delete.

I get that this sounds harsh, but could we all please agree that it’s time to be done with feeling obligated or guilted into doing things (or keeping things) that feel crappy to us?!

If you only had 365 days to live – would you want that precious time and space (literally and figuratively) crammed with stuff that didn’t light you up???

I know I wouldn’t.

Fill your life with things and people that are beautiful, that you love. Surround yourself with people who allow you to feel how you want to feel.

Today – on Valentines’ Day, do one thing to show yourself a little love and one thing to show someone else a little love too – send an “I’m grateful for you” note, buy someone’s coffee, send flowers, smile and offer a compliment – notice that each of these suggestions are things you can do for YOU AND someone else.

Go on, relight that love flame & spread some love today!


P.S. In the comments below – share how you spread some love today 🙂

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