3 Questions to End the Year Strong

This year’s definitely been one for the history books—filled with so many unexpected events and changes, and it’s called many of us to rethink what truly matters and how we want to live our day to day life going forward.

I’ve loved the simpler way of living (less “to do”) and the extra family time—going forward, this is a fundamental focus for me. I’ve also realized that I’ve become passive on social justice issues that are important me—going forward, this too is a fundamental focus for me.

In order to actually do this consistently, I know I need to get focused and be intentional so these will be core elements going on my 2021 vision board.

A vision board is a strategic visual roadmap that helps you to live in line with your values and priorities every single day. (If you’re curious to learn how to make one, I’m hosting a virtual workshop on January 16th. Click here to check it out.)

Starting your year off with intention and focus will help you achieve your goals, create the change you crave and live happily every day!

These 3 questions can help:

  1. What lesson(s) did you learn this past year?
  2. When are you happiest?
  3. What do you want to do, have, create, change, focus on or experience in the new year?

Post your responses to these 3 questions on your fridge, bathroom mirror or somewhere you see them every day.


P.S. Here’s a post on how to get started with a vision board. 

P.P.S. Sign up for the Reset Your Vision: 2021 Vision Board workshop here. 

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