When life is hard…

My kiddo fell at school while playing basketball and hit his head on the corner of a wood bench.

When I got to school to pick him up, he had blood all over his sweatshirt and his little face was trying so hard to keep it together.

Then we headed to the urgent care where he took getting 2 staples in his head like a champ.

It was heartbreaking. 

It took so much strength and courage for him to get through the stress and trauma of that situation. He was brave when he needed to be, and then he completely melted and let all of those big emotions out. 

Not only did he let those tears flow, he talked about the parts that were hard and scary too. He soaked up lots of couch cuddles and movie time.

And then he moved forward.

So many of us face hard, painful situations—infertility, miscarriage, divorce, overwhelming debt, the loss of a spouse, parent or child, a health scare—or any number of the hard things life sometimes sends our way.

And we think we have to hold it together, to make it through.

We don’t ever really create the space to collapse and feel all those big emotions, to then talk through the parts that were hard and scary, and to give ourselves the permission to cozy up and heal.

So that we can then move forward. 

In 2009 after my miscarriage, this was the thing that changed me. I knew that I couldn’t keep doing things as I had been—holding it together, making it through.

Because in order to do that, I had shut a part of me off.

That loss broke me, and while you won’t ever hear me paint that as a positive in my life or talk about how it was “meant to be,” it was the catalyst for me to do things differently.

To be brave when I need to be, to let those emotions flow, to talk through the hard and scary parts, to give myself permission to shut it down so I can heal and to then to move forward—maybe a little different from who I was before. 

If you have a hard thing you’re facing in your life right now or you need some support finding your way forward—different maybe, but whole, strong and confident—I’d love to talk with you about 1-1 coaching.

It may be just the thing that will allow for you to step out of the stress of the day to day, figure out what’s next and finally create that happy, fulfilling life you want (and truly do deserve). 

If you’d like to have a 0 pressure conversation about where you feel stuck and what you’d like going forward, click here.


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