Rise & Write

I have a confession to make – I keep getting stuck.  Every time I sit down to write my mind goes blank – even if I had a flood of idea just moments before. It’s like they all instantly vacate my brain and I can’t tap back into them.

Even just this morning, I had ideas as I was walking to my computer – I open it up and gone.

It’s so frustrating to me when this happens. I keep talking about this dream that I have of writing (and publishing) books, but I have yet to finish ONE! I love to write. The idea of sharing stories in a way that inspires others, or makes things feel possible to others, or helps others see that they are not alone – I LOVE that idea.

But then I freeze. I get stuck. I don’t know what to type.

So I’m going to try something a little differently for a bit. I’m going to rise and write.

I’ve been telling Mark that I can tap into my creativity the most in the morning, but I don’t ever get up early enough (most mornings I’m up in just enough time to get myself together before the babe wakes up). Last night I said to him, if you’d just make me some coffee before you leave I’d get up (way to defer the responsibility!). So this morning, as he’s walking out the door, he says “coffee is on, rise and write.”

“Shit.” I thought, now I have to get up. So I did, and here I am.

But I’m not exactly sure what to write, and maybe that’s the point. Maybe for a little while I need to just rise and write. Maybe it makes sense to not try so hard to be creative. Creativity just comes, right? Kind of like sleep – we can’t force, we have to fall into it – relax  enough to allow it to happen.

So that’s the plan. Each morning I’m going to open my computer, come over to the blog and “rise and write” whatever comes up. It’s going to be imperfect (yikes!), and there will probably be grammatical errors (my apologies!) but I’m hoping that by building in the structure and routine I can tap into my creative flow more easily. Then I can give you that book I’ve been promising ;).

I’m not sure what I will write about each day. I may just write about the weather or my dogs birthday (which is today – Happy 1st Birthday Stella!!!) or something that is weighing on my mind like all the craziness in the world right now and how it feels really scary that there are so many people filled with so much hate. I guess we’ll see where this journey takes us, and if you’re up for it, I’d love for you to rise and write with me!

Emily xo

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