My Manifesto

My name is Emily. I care about helping people be their truest selves, and create the life they’ve always imagined.

I believe that belonging and happiness are at the core of what everyone wants. And that most of us are afraid to admit it. 

I’ve learned that life is amazing….and that it’s also stressful too. That the good, the bad and everything in between is just mashed up together. And that true, genuine happiness comes from being able to just be yourself and live in the moments.

Trying to fit in, people please and striving for perfection are all massively overrated. Trying to be all things to all people all of the time is exhausting…and a definite NO. It’s okay to set one (or all) of those balls you’re juggling down.

It’s also okay to go for your dreams. To prioritize yourself. And to do things that inconvenience others. A happier you ultimately means that everyone around you will be happier too. It’s not selfish, and even if it is, maybe it’s about damn time to get a little selfish.

Fantasizing about a weekend away on a secluded, tropical island all-by-yourself while drinking fancy fruity drinks with umbrellas and eating all of the fresh food not cooked by you is totally reasonable.  While locking the door while you take an extra long hot shower may be all you can actually make happen.

Doing something that matters is a must. Whether that’s your day job, volunteering once a month at the Foodbank, pursuing a passion project, writing a book or packing your kid lunch—it’s all making an impact. 

But at the end of the day, remember that all that really matters is time spent laughing with the ones you love. Let time stand still in those moments. Be present, shut down the distractions and be in those moments.

Each of us only has one chance to live this life so do what makes you happy. 


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