How to change your thoughts

Last week I was in the drive thru line at Starbucks, not totally paying attention, when the person behind me laid on her horn to get me moving. My first reaction – not so pretty. And I felt this wave of thoughts and feelings I did not want come over me.

So when I pulled up to the window, I bought her coffee. It was the only way I knew to shift out of the negativity that I was feeling (and sending her way). This is an example of how you can change or redirect your thoughts.

Your thoughts attract your thoughts.

Have you ever had one of those days that felt like a total shit storm. It’s just one thing right after the other, spilling your coffee, forgetting to close the garage door, the dog throws up as you’re walking out the door, you get in a fight with your spouse/partner/boss/whoever and on and on and on.

Yep, I’ve had those days too. But what I’ve realized is that when I change my thoughts around those “things” either 1. the “things” stop happening or 2. the “things” that do happen no longer seem (or feel) like that big of a deal.

Either way, your day and mental state are saved! (Phew!!!)

Think of your thoughts like train cars. The wooden play ones are especially great for this example.  Each one has a magnet at the back that attracts the next car. Your thoughts work in a similar way.

You can choose the kind of thoughts you want to attract which is essentially like choosing the locomotive that all the other train cars (your thoughts) will attach to.

If, for example, you want more peaceful thoughts you can start each morning by asking yourself what’s a peaceful thought I can start my day with? Or what’s something I can do to feel peaceful right now? This establishes the framework (locomotive with a peaceful thought attracting magnet) for your thoughts .

Sometimes the cars might jump track because well, life happens. And everyone you encounter may not be on your same peaceful thought train. That’s okay though because you can choose which track you want to stay on and which cars you want to attract.

You can ask yourself a question like “what’s a peaceful thought I can have even though this situation feels stressful?” or “what’s the fastest/easiest way for me to get my thoughts back on my peace train track?” You could also take an action, like in the example at the start of the email, that will shift things around.

This is an example of what we’ll talk about on the group coaching calls for Live More, Laugh Louder. You bring the examples and I’ll bring the coaching tools, tips and tricks that I know, love and practice myself :).

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Here’s to you living more & laughing louder!


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