The Key to Success & Happiness in Life

What’s something you’re not good at?

Math is one of mine.

Wouldn’t it be awful if I spent all day every day trying to get good at math? I’d probably feel pretty bad about myself.

I mean, I do remember how crappy I felt in 7th & 8th grade trying to learn Algebra. And yes, I still stand by my feelings from back then that letters and numbers just don’t belong together. 

So why is it then that so many of us spend so much time and energy trying to improve upon our weaknesses?

Those things you’ve never been good at (like numbers or cooking) or things you were told you’re too much of (like too emotional, blunt or stubborn) or things you worried you weren’t enough of (like smart or nice).

Focusing on trying to change your “weaknesses” is like trying to teach a fish to fly. There’s just no point.

Instead, learn how to leverage your unique character traits, qualities and strengths.

If you’re stubborn, that also means you’re strong willed. It means you’re focused and determined.

In what situations and environments is this an asset? How can you put yourself in those kinds of scenarios more often? How can you leverage this instead of trying to tone it down?

Look at all the things about yourself that you consider (or have been told) are weaknesses. 

And start to look at how it’s actually the way you add value. It’s what makes you YOU and it’s that special sauce that only you can bring to the table.

Once you shift your focus, you’ll be rolling through life, making things happen and feeling good!

When you can see what exactly you bring to the table, every single area of your life—career, money, relationships—truly all the things improve which is why this is one of my FAVORITE things to help people with.

If you’re interested in diving into how your “weaknesses” might actually be your strengths, please reach out to let me know.


P.S. I have one spot available for 1-1 coaching. If you’re interested, click here to fill out the application.  Once it’s done, I’ll be in touch so we can do a brainstorming + strategy session and then chat to see if coaching is the right next step for you. 

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