Have you spent most of your life focusing on making everyone around you happy? If so, I have something to tell you: it’s-your-turn!

It’s not selfish to focus on yourself. And even if it is…maybe it’s time to get a little selfish. Maybe it’s time to prioritize you and your happiness.

Because when you’re happy – when you’re making an impact, following your dreams and focusing on what matters to you most – you send that joy out into the world. Everyone around you is positively impacted by that energy.

Who you are and what you want matters. Your happiness matters. And this book is a great first step to show you how to live like it.

You’ll figure out who you are and what you want now, and how to make it happen. You’ll identify all that old baggage that’s been keeping you stuck and finally let it go. No more excuses. No more toxic relationships. No more jam packed schedule keeping you exhausted 24/7.

You’re allowed to do things that involve putting yourself first! And when you do, you’ll stop those old sabotaging habits and start new ones that set you up for success.

You only get one chance to live this life—so do what makes you happy.

I wrote this book because I was hearing from my clients that they’d read “all of the self help books” only to end up feeling like they were just failing at self help. This book is intended to change that.

It’s a down-to-earth, no nonsense, practical guide so you can get away from the habits that keep you stuck and move towards the habits that will allow you to embrace and express who you are – without apology.

Because when you can do this, your happiness happens. And you’ll inspire everyone around you to live in the same way.

Are you ready to follow your dreams and ultimately live the life you deserve? Are you willing to put it all on the line to make a change?

You have an important role in this life—don’t be afraid to live it out.

Grab your copy of Happiness Happens and take that first step towards controlling your destiny and truly being the best version of yourself!

A no nonsense, fluff-free journey towards finding what truly brings you happiness and joy.

This simple, but powerful process, helps you to look at all areas of your life so you can come back to the true you and find a new way of doing things. I also love that she writes the way she speaks – direct and to the point, and how her positive encouragement about letting shit go gives the reader permission to more easily do that.

— Lauren, New York, NY

Amanda Bibbo

Emily’s book is very organized, authentic and meaningful.

The minute I started reading it, I felt a sincere connection to Emily. A great book to help focus your thoughts on paper to create the best version of yourself!

—Amanda Bibbo, Cleveland, OH

I really like this book…I mean REALLY!

There are so many times that made me stop and say WOW! I love that his is a ‘do” book – a ‘discover what makes you tick’ book. The exercises in the book helped me to reevaluate my dreams, to shed old ones and to see what happiness looks like for me now – which has made it a lot easier to start living it. I’m now taking an active role in creating my today and my tomorrow.

— Helen, Cleveland, OH

This book will help you change your life.

Sounds so cliche, right? (I know!) But seriously, why not give it a try. Use it as your guide for successful change. And let it guide you towards a truly happy and fulfilling life.

You don’t want to look back on your life some day filled with regret wondering why you didn’t take a chance on you.

A wonderful step by step guide that helped me discover the happiness that was always inside of me.

As a busy working mom of three boys, it’s hard to find time to work on me.  I loved that Emily’s book took me through the process of exploring who I really was and what I needed in my life to find that happiness. The books easy to follow exercises helped me dive deep into what was holding me back, and paved the way for me to move forward.

If you have read other self-help books and felt like now what…this book is for you. It helps guide you through a process of self-discovery and brings you to a place of peace and happiness.

— Breanne Failor www.breannefailor.com

Inspiring and remarkable story!

Emily puts her heart and soul into this work to encourage and motivate you wherever you are at in your life journey. She digs deep into her own personal struggles and how she used them as a catalyst to achieve the transformation she sought in her own life.

— Anisha Durve, www.anisha.guru

I love this! A super friendly book to help you navigate through a mental shift in happiness.

The basic thesis of her book is that living a life in which happiness is dependent on… losing 10lbs, getting the perfect man, having a baby or fill in the gap… is going to create a fragile and unstable and ultimately unsustainable happiness. She guides you in a gentle, but thorough way your thinking and gives you concrete approaches to creating a shift which can become your long term lifestyle-happiness.”

— Tamsin Astor, PhD, www.tamsinastor.com