Goal Setting—Step 1

Would you love to be part of the 8% of people who actually follow through on their goals?

If so, start by answering this question:

If you could have anything, what would you want? 

Know exactly what this is first.

Is it more adventure, happiness or money? Is it more balance, family time or more meaningful work? Is it someone to share your life with or launching a passion project?

If you could have anything (which you can), what would you want? 

Paint out the details of what this looks like in every area of your life—family, home, style, food, money, exercise—define the lifestyle you’d love to live.

And know exactly who you’d be and how’d you feel once you’re living it.

That’s the foundation:

What would you do? How would you feel? Who would you become?

Once you know this, then you pick one element to focus on—something you feel excited about—create a goal around it and put action towards it.

Unfortunately, most people skip the first step which is why so few people achieve their goals. 

Don’t skip this step!!

If this all sounds great but you’re not sure “how” to do it, check out my digital Reset Your Vision workshop. It’ll help you get clear on what’s next AND start taking action so you can be part of the 8% (sounds like a pretty bad ass group!!)

That’s well worth $37.00.

Here’s that link again!!

And here’s to you being part of the 8%!!


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