Feeling pushed to your limits?

It’s hard juggling all the things—finding that balance in life. You’re constantly in motion but never really getting anything done. And you always feel like you’re giving up something important (or letting someone down).

At the end of the day you’re totally wiped…and you have nothing left for yourself.

You’re stressed, overwhelmed and totally burned out.

I promise you, it doesn’t have to be this way!!

During my 7 years of navigating unexplained infertility I went from feeling totally consumed by this really hard thing to figuring out how to live a happy, fulfilling life while also dealing with something that was hard.

I launched my business, became a mom and wrote a book—all because I found a way to live each day in line with who I am and what I want.

My life definitely wasn’t perfect (still isn’t) but it’s mine and I’m happy. And it’s because of the small choices I make every single day.

Yes, life can be messy, hard and complicated sometimes. BUT it can also be amazing too.

And if you’re tired of the tough times overwhelming you and hijacking the good—I’ve got something exciting for you…

A free printable calendar with small things you can do every single day—without feeling like you’re adding one more thing to your already full plate.

This calendar will help you to step out of the stress of the day to day, feel like YOU again and ultimately create the happy and fulfilling life you crave (and deserve!!) minus all that pressure of perfection.

Plus the calendar is updated each and every month with new ideas and inspiration.

If you’re ready to stop being so consumed by whatever hard thing it is that you’re facing (including “normal” every day stress) AND you’re ready start bringing little doses of joy into your every day—then grab your calendar below.