Do this to feel lighter in the new year…

A few years ago for Christmas, we went to Mexico. I thought it’d be great idea if Mark and I consolidated our luggage – so I bought a big suitcase from one of those Today Show Steals and Deals…without fully paying attention to the dimensions (btw this is pretty standard for me).

Because of this, Mark and I ended up traveling with a big ass suitcase, and I ended up taking with me waaaaaay more than I needed. We were over the checked bag weight limit so I had to awkwardly stand their holding up the line unpacking things from our suitcase and stuffing them into my oversized travel purse. #notcool

Since then, I’ve gone from chronically overpacked to lightish traveler – because really, how much sh*t do you actually need to take with you? 

When you take more than what you want, love or need, you just end up feeling weighed down and frustrated…

Kind of like in real life. When your world feels cluttered in some way – everything feels heavy. 

Clutter comes from actual literal stuff – like the clothes in your closet, the food in your freezer, the expired/unused spices in your pantry, the miscellanous crap in your car, the makeup you don’t use – the list goes on and on. 

AND clutter also comes from “other” stuff – like self doubt, worry and fear, relationships, obligations, unmet expectations and past disappointments, unlearned lessons, memories that keep you stuck in sadness and loneliness, and finances.

These are just some examples of “other” clutter – but it truly is absolutely anything that gives you that heavy, weighed down feeling (like you’re hauling around an excessively large suitcase full of unneccasry sh*t that hinders you more than it helps you). 

It’s ALL of the stuff that steals your focus and distracts you from your life. 

And now is one of those really great times to survey all of that stuff and make some decisions about what you’re ready to unpack and leave behind.

Simply ask yourself the question – what am I ready to clean up, clear our or let go of?

And then go do that – maybe it’s a quick clean out of your makeup drawer (checked mine off the list this morning) or a shelf in your closet (my kiddos closet and toy chest are on the list for tomorrow). Or maybe it’s journaling to look back on the year and decide what you want to leave in 2018 (lessons, themes, distractions)? 

Let go of what you don’t want, love or need so that you don’t bring it with you into the new year. You’ll enjoy 2019 much more if you’re not weighed down or dragging old stuff with you anymore!

Once you’ve done it, let me know how it went in the comments below!

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