Creating a healthier home (by tossing the toxins)

Does the idea of creating a healthier, toxin free home sound like a great idea…but feel really overwhelming to actually implement?

Maybe the thought of reading labels filled with words that you can’t pronounce and don’t understand has you willing to just take your chances and hope for the best.

Believe me, I so get this. And honestly there are still times to do this day when I think to myself oh efff it, I’m just getting this thing that they have and not worry about it.

But having been in my home pretty much for the last 37 days straight, I’m being reminded of why it’s so important to create a truly healthy home, and I wanted to share some of that information with you.

I had the opportunity to speak with Marilee Nelson, one of the co-founders of Branch Basics last fall. She is a wealth of information and very passionate about helping people to create healthy homes.

During our conversation she shared:

  • What set her on the path to finding true freedom, she calls it her “fork in the road experience.”
  • Red flags to look for so you know what to keep and what to toss.
  • One surprising way you might be hijacking your healthy home without even realizing it!
  • What to do and where to focus so you don’t feel completely overwhelmed.
  • And her simple approach to creating a healthier home and immediately improving your air quality.

I’ve been using Branch Basics for years, and I truly love it (this is NOT a sponsored post!). Over the holidays my aunt spilled red wine on my white couch. As everyone freaked out, I calmly grabbed my bottle of all purpose spray bottle, and cleaned it up – easy peasy.

And when my kiddo face plants on the couch two seconds later I have zero concern. It also works on chocolate, blueberries and muddy paws (just to name a few), and it is by far my favorite laundry detergent.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to talk with Marilee. I love Branch Basics – the mission, the product – and I hope you are inspired by the information she shares to just take one small step towards creating a healthier home today.

Your environment plays a huge part in your overall well being, and you’ve gotta feel good to live happy. Let me know what surprised you most from what Marilee had to share.  And if you decide to give Branch Basics a try, use coupon code thrive 15.

Click here to listen to our conversation:


Here are links to the resources she mentioned:


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