Coping with ALL of the Losses During the Pandemic

Everything just feels different.

Whether it’s dinner with friends, running into Target to pick up a few things or deciding about sending your kid to school in the fall.

It’s not as relaxing or as clear or as easy to do the things you used to do. It’s not the same. Nothing feels the same. 

Have you grieved those losses yet?

Yes. Losses.

Baseball, fireworks, cookouts, pool time and hugs. The ease of just running into a store. Vacation. Connection. Loved ones. Your job or business. Your way of life.

There are so many layers of loss during this pandemic, and it’s important to acknowledge each every one.

Because the only way to move into a new normal, to create the space for happiness within the context of this really stressful time, is to fully acknowledge those losses and to grieve them.

Try this:

  • At the top of a piece of paper, write COVID 2020 Losses.
  • Brainstorm a list of every single loss.
  • Go back through your list, write down what you miss the most about that loss.

For example‚ fireworks. I miss seeing the excitement and wonder in my kiddos eyes. I miss the feeling of nostalgia. I miss the laughter and the music and the fun. I miss just being with my family. I miss the ease of summer.

These things that you’re missing, they matter.

So take some time to acknowledge them. To grieve them.

And then as you’re ready, use them to also pave the way to finding new happiness even with this tough thing that’s been thrown your way. Because when life gets messy, you’ve gotta find a way to be happy anyway. 


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