Passion to Purpose 90-Day Coaching Experience:

for when you’re ready to stop listening to the self-doubt, naysayers & reasons you can’t, and finally turn that big dream of yours into reality.

Deep down, you know that you’re meant for more.

You just can’t see your path to creating it. You’re burned out by your job—sick of feeling anxious every day. But making a big change, going for your dreams, just doesn’t seem realistic or tangible right now.

But guess what?! It’s not supposed to.

When you’re weighed down by the stress that’s in front of you, it’s tough to tap into the possibilities that are actually available to you. It’s hard to see how anything other than what is can come together.

That little voice inside of you though, that’s calling you to make a change is your true north. That part of you knows that you’re meant for bigger things, that your dreams matter, and that you can make them happen.

Coaching can help.

You’ll learn step by step how to create the life that you most want for yourself.

The one where you get to make an impact and focus on what matters to you most.

The one where you stop trading one important thing for another and have that deep in your core kinda happy feeling. The one where you feel confident and at ease

The one where that powerful and inspiring positive energy spreads to everyone around you simply by you showing up and living your best life.

And the one where you eliminate every excuse, obstacle, barrier, fear, and bullshit reason for you not to make it happen.

You’ll answer questions like:

  • What is that I actually do want for myself and my life?
  • Who do I need to be or become to make it happen?
  • What do I actually want my day-to-day life to look like?
  • How will the people in my life be impacted?
  • What’s getting in my way? What do I need to let go of or stop doing?
  • What new mindset, habits and routines do I need to create? Am I willing to put in the work?
  • What will it take for me to actually make this happen? Is this important enough for me to go all in?

And then you build your business & life around those answers.
I’ll show you how.

You’ll feel happier and more like yourself than you have in years!! Yes, even on the hard days.

The coaching process is pretty simple. For 90 days you get me as your personal mentor and accountability partner. And as soon as you sign up, we get to work!

Here’s what’s included:

  • 1—60-minute onboarding call to discuss your hopes, dreams, and goals. We laser in on the vision you have for yourself and your life and discuss what you need to create it. We also identify any potential obstacles & barriers and come up with a game plan to address those.
  • 5—45-minute coaching calls tailored to you and what you need. We’ll talk strategy and brainstorm, dive into your mindset, problem solve and so much more. You’ll get personalized guidance as you take the steps to turn your goals and dreams into reality.
  • A 7-day Declutter Your Life plan so you can identify & eliminate all that clutters your mind, drains your energy, and distracts you from turning your dreams into reality.
  • 90-days of direct messaging support so you can get answers to all your questions, and support and accountability when you need it the most! This is also a great way to help you identify any blindspots, beliefs, and habits that aren’t working for you so that you can make adjustments as you go.
  • Targeted resources to guide you in changing your habits and creating powerful new routines that support your mindset and overall wellbeing so that you can confidently pursue your dreams.

We’ll focus our attention on whatever is most important to you so that you can create the life you want for yourself. It’s a lot closer than you realize—promise!

The investment for coaching is $750.00 a month for 3 months or a one-time payment of $2,250.00.

If this sounds like exactly what you need…

I feel calmer, happier, and more in control of my life.

Working with Emily has helped me to see that I can be a rule-breaker and experience the joy of doing things in my own authentic way instead of doing ALL THE THINGS everyone tells me I should do. This discovery alone has helped me to feel calmer, happier, and more in control of my life. I felt like Emily heard and understood my challenges and helped me gain clarity on what’s really important so I can simplify my life and prioritize better.

—Nicole Iacovoni, Financial Therapist & Licensed Psychotherapist, 

Coaching helped me discover my true core values which has been fundamental in building a life of purpose and joy.

I decided to try coaching because I was moving into a new phase of my life. I didn’t want anything getting in the way, but I was feeling stuck and a little lost. I needed to regain my focus so that I could move forward with clarity.

Through coaching, I uncovered the truth I needed. And now I feel stronger and trust myself more because of it.

Emily is compassionate, helpful, and present. I’m so happy to have my energy flowing towards a more fulfilled, meaningful life. I am recommending her to all my friends!


Amanda Bibbo

I was looking around realizing I wasn’t really happy—and didn’t see anywhere I wanted to be.

I was starting to wonder what exactly I was working my ass for—to just sit in meetings all day?! I wanted to make an impact and do work that felt meaningful. Coaching gave me the framework and direction I needed to get there.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is life coaching therapy?

No! This is really important to note. Coaching is not therapy. It’s focused support around one specific goal.

Think of it as a pitching coach for the Indians. The coach is very focused on one goal—pitching—and how to make that pitcher the very best at his job, (dealing with the obstacles and setbacks that come with the game, and having the tools to step up—no matter what—with the confidence to pitch a great game).

If you’re looking for a therapist, Psychology Today is a great source. Click here to visit the website.

How do I know coaching will work?

There are no guarantees; that’s one of the hardest parts. I dealt with unexplained infertility for 7 years and I had to keep taking the steps forward even though the odds were stacked against me.

Because of that, I created a life and business I love, and I also became a mom.

While I wish that I could guarantee you that if you sign up for coaching you’ll get exactly what you want in the exact timeline you want, that’s just not how life works.

What I can say is that if you show up and give it your all—the odds of you ending up somewhere better than you ever could’ve imagined are definitely stacked in your favor.

What if I’m not ready yet?

Honestly, we all have to start before we’re ready. But if you’re feeling like you need a different first step, check out Happiness Happens. It’s a great tool to help you clearly see the vision you have for your life AND take consistent action towards that vision.

You can learn more about the book here.

What if I already know what I want but need motivation?

If you already have a good idea of what you want but feel confused about how to achieve it you may be better suited for the Happiness Happens Masterclass.

The purpose of this group coaching program is to give you the support and accountability you need to live a happier, more meaningful and purposeful life—every single day. To learn more, click here now