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Holistic Life Coaching teaches you how to get from where you are now to where you want to be in the fastest way possible.

True, genuine happiness is rooted in making peace with who you are and you’re set of life circumstances, and actively deciding what you want to accept, let go of and change. Each of the services listed below can help you with different aspects of your journey – it all depends on where you’re at now, what you’re ready to take on, and your preferred learning style.

Whether you choose a self study course, online group coaching program or private coaching I promise you each one is loaded with specially selected tools that I’ve successfully used with clients time and time again. My approach is a combination of mindset strategies and strategic action. I love things that are simple, fun and super effective – which is exactly what I will share with you.

If at anytime you feel confused about which program is the best fit for you – schedule a free strategy session by clicking here.

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A year long monthly mentorship program for when you’re ready to bring new dreams to life. You’ll learn how to create a new vision you’re excited about, let go of anything that’s not working or is holding you back, take steps to bring your new dream to life and ultimately feel confident, inspired & energized as you embrace living your life your way.


21 day self study course for when you’re surrounded by stuff, tired of feeling weighed down by life and overwhelmed at the prospect of changing. You’ll learn how to declutter your physical space, and then apply that same process to declutter every area of your life. You’ll feel open and lighter now that you have the space to bring your new dreams to life.


1-on-1 coaching program for when you know that you’re meant for more, but feel lost about what to do next or how to make it happen. You’ll learn to reconnect with who you truly are, let go of unmet expectations, master a mindset that supports what you actually want, get clear on your purpose, feel confident, forgive and heal, and ultimately feel genuinely happy and fulfilled in your life.


1-on-1 coaching intensive for when you know deep down you can have a life filled with happiness AND success. But no matter how hard you try, you keep finding yourself trading one for the other. You’ll clarify your vision, design a concrete, step by step plan, breakthrough any barriers keeping you stuck and finally take action that brings your version of having it all to life.


Infertility coaching program for when you know you’re meant to be a mom, but the road you’re on now feels like it’s taking you away from that dream. You will learn strategies to help you manage stress, nourish your body, deal with grief and loss, and heal so you get your life back, feel like yourself and finally make your dreams come true.


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