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Are you ready to create a life that feels purposeful and meaningful?

Are you tired of just going through the motions? Are you waking up each day feeling uninspired? Do you believe, deep down, that there has got to be something more?

But when you think about making changes, thoughts like this pop into your head:

  • “I have to focus on the reality of the life I live.”
  • “I’m not even sure what it is that I want.”
  • “There are things in front of me that have to get done.”
  • “I’m tired of trying – nothing changes.”
  • “I have no idea what my next step is.”


But still…there’s this part of you that is craving something more.

And it’s time that you started listening to that part of you!

You are craving more because you are meant for more.

You are meant for deep, meaningful conversations.  You are meant to be inspired, and to inspire others.  You are meant for true and genuine connections.

And you are here, reading this right now, because now is your time to make IT happen!


Now is YOUR time to fully step out into this world with confidence and clarity.  To finally create a life that feels really good to you, a life that you love, regardless of all the curveballs thrown your way. 

I created the “Make IT Happen Masterclass” just for the dynamic and kind people like you who are out there, searching for what’s missing.  People who feel a sense of unrest, and who are ready for a change…but are not exactly sure what it is or what to do about it.  Since things are “mostly okay,” they keep going through the motions.

I created it for those of you who have big hearts and unique gifts to offer the world, but  have a history of unmet expectations and past disappointments that have zapped your energy and fizzled your flame.

You are not alone.

There was a time when I was standing in your shoes. A time when I felt stuck, like a dark cloud had infiltrated every area of my life.  I didn’t make any changes until my world came crashing down and I was forced to re-evaluate everything. My whole world as it is now was created from that forced point of change.

The good news is that change doesn’t require our whole world to come crashing down.

What it DOES require is self awareness, making a decision and taking action.

That’s what this program has to offer you – the opportunity to create a new way of living – simply by deciding that yes, you are ready for it. I’ve got you covered from there.

This is a monthly membership site PLUS group coaching call designed to get the wheels turning so that you can create a life that you love from your chosen point of change.

Think of it like a perfectly planned AAA “trip tick” or travel map for your life.  A roadmap filled with absolutely everything that you could possibly need so that you can travel wherever you want to go. You will navigate any detour that pops up with steadfast clarity and confidence.

This service is driven by a simple idea: your deepest desires and big dreams are meant for you, and yes, they are indeed possible.


Just imagine how it will feel to know that you are on the right path.  To know exactly what you want AND to take action every single day to make IT happen.

EVERYTHING will change.

You will finally create the life you’ve been craving. The one that feels purposeful and meaningful. The one that has the time and space for who you are and what you want. The one that is filled with people who are happier because YOU are happier.

You will feel passionate, driven and inspired.
You will feel open to love and connection like never before.
You will feel comfortable and confident in your own skin.

And finally you will live life like the beautiful, brilliant person that you are. You DESERVE it!

“I was not comfortable in my body or my life. I worked hard at trying to hide from everyone, including myself. I didn’t want to be visible so I totally disconnected from what I wanted. Now, I recognize that I have some living to do. There is beauty and opportunity in me and my life. I am ready to seize that!”  H.M. 


In the “Make IT Happen Masterclass” you’ll get:

  • Exclusive access to a membership site with carefully designed tools and simple, proven actionable how to strategies so that you can create your ideal life.
  • Strategies on how to shift your mindset, change your habits and set yourself up for success.
  • Journaling prompts to get you reacquainted with your truest self so that you can define a crystal-clear vision of your best life.
  • Monthly group coaching conference calls where together we’ll dive deeper into each module topic, answer your questions and brainstorm together.
  • Enjoy the benefits of the group dynamic – know that you are not alone and come celebrate your successes and collaborate with one another.
  • Exclusive coaching promotions.
  • Anytime access to group conference call recordings and supplemental “make IT happen” materials including audio and video recordings by guest speakers.

During the course, we check everything from goal setting to cultivating confidence to mastering mindset to  belief shifting to habit change off our list so that you have a clear path to not only creating but also full out living your dream life!

By the time we’re through, you’ll be chomping at the bit for the next class reunion or family gathering where you can share “what you’ve been up to this year.”

Your investment of $27 a month can be set up here.

“I am finally able to enjoy being myself and express who I am. I am able to look in a mirror on purpose and really see me.”  Brittany

I know that change can be hard and you might still be wondering if the “Make IT Happen Masterclass” is right for you.

But I also know that you will absolutely love it, and I am so confident in the quality of my work that I want to give you my personal guarantee. If for some reason, you are not beyond 100% satisfied, you can cancel at any time and receive a full refund for the month you are canceling.


So what are you waiting for?

Sign up now.

Membership is $27 per month. When you sign up, you will receive access to a private membership site where you’ll be able to download materials, join group calls and make IT happen!

By joining the membership you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to the Balance & Thrive’s privacy policy and terms of use that are outlined here.

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