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What to do when decisions feel impossible…

October 10, 2017

Sometimes trying to decide between things that are really important can feel impossible. And other times you’re so wiped from making so many decisions, that every single one (big and small) starts to feel completely overwhelming.

It’s especially common to feel this way when you’re making any kind of changes in your life. Like when you set a goal to lose 20lbs, and you try everything but that number never seems to budge. Or when you start to set some boundaries at work and these crazy, unexpected things keep cropping up sucking you right back in.

When you’re trying something new, or making a change in how you do things, you’re shaking things up. You’re challenging your comfort zone and everything that’s been important to you for a really long time. You get a push back because it’s a period of recalibration. It’s a normal part of the process (so expect it!).

One of my favorite (and most effective) tips for dealing with this is to make a “Core Values Cheat Sheet.” It helps you get some much needed clarity and perspective fast. And makes it so that you feel confident in the decisions you’re making and the action you’re taking! Keep it close by as reminder of what’s most important to you.

You might be thinking, “but Emily, I already know what’s important to me.” I imagine that you do. BUT what you’re probably thinking of is actually expressions of those values, and not the values themselves. For example time with your friends and family is one expression of the value connection. It’s a subtle, but important difference.

Your core values are these really fundamental guiding principles that drive your behavior. You need to know exactly what they are. They are the essence of who you are and what you stand for. Name ‘em and claim ‘em!

Doing this will give you instant, massive clarity in your life.

And when you know what your top 3 values are, you can step back and see how they’re in conflict or being threatened. THEN you can ask yourself a new set of questions and come up with a new set of answers that put you in a position to make decisions that feel empowering.

You go from thinking “ugh there’s nothing I can do” to “hey, there actually is something I can do.”

Download your “Create a Core Values Cheat Sheet” pdf and get instant email access by entering your info here:

Once you’re done with it, leave a comment below letting me know what your core values are.

I’m excited to hear from you!

Emily 🙂

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